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10-in-1 Vitamin Hair Serum with Damage Reversal

Recently my hair has been looking meh~ I switched my shampoo brand and the new one is making my scalp so horribly itchy! Very very annoying..

Then I've been hearing a bit about this Vitamin Hair Serum with Damage Reversal by NSA Beauty.

P.S. Dropper tools are great for oils as it's less messy

  • Soft and moisturized hair
  • Shiny hair
  • Manageable hair
  • No more split ends
  • Reverse damage from hair dyes and styling tools
  • Thicker hair by stimulating new hair growth and reviving root cells
  • Lessened hair fall
  • Darker hair
  • Protect hair from UV rays
  • Healthy, clean scalp that is not itchy
Amazingly, the product is also supposed to cure headaches, migraines and fever. For those of you who do chemical treatments on your hair regularly, you should pamper your hair back with hair serums. No point in having the perfect hair colour if it looks like a horse tail. Also, overly harsh chemicals can make your hair split, break and drop off like mad. I have personally experienced this before and I thought I was going to become bald. Too bad I didn't know about this serum back then.

Hair oil before and after

Usage Instructions
1) Wet hair until moist
2) Apply hair serum and massage in for 3-4 minutes

The moist hair will make it easier for the oil to spread. You can also use a wide toothed comb. Don't use a regular comb on moist hair!

Especially for Malay women, wearing your hair under a tudung can cause all sorts of hair problems from oily scalp to dandruff and hair fall. Make sure you use the right products to protect your hair and scalp!

You can read some of the other testimonials on their Facebook page. It's priced at RM 75 a bottle which is pretty reasonable and worth trying.

If you sign up for the newsletter on beautymart, you get a 10% discount for your purchase!

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