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How to Change Facebook Page Names (After 200 Likes)

I bought a domain name recently and it was soooo annoying that it now does not match my Facebook Page name which is still Sugar Coated Muffin. As you might know, you cannot change the name of any Facebook pages which have more than 200 likes. Or can you..?

Facebook name change

Changing Facebook page names

Download this extension/app on your browser called "Hola Better Internet". You're gonna use it to trick the website into thinking that you're in the US. Somehow, they only allow page name changes there =/

Of course, this is just an example of how it will look like. You're supposed to open it at Facebook, not anywhere else.

Using Hola Better Internet

1) Sign out of your Facebook account
2) Open the Hola Better Internet
3) Change to US
4) Login to Facebook

Go to your desired page.
Edit page - Update page info - Name
You will now notice that this 'Request Change' is beside your page name! Click on it..

Request change for Facebook page name

If you're lead to this page, simply refresh.


How to change the name of your FB page

Key in your new page name. It says that you can only make subtle changes but selecting
'I am rebranding my Page'
allows more leniency.

Below, you will have to provide proof. I simply inserted a screenshot of my Blogger Dashboard where it shows that I'm redirecting to
*Upload photos that are relevant to your company

Click Save. It will take a while for the change to happen.

Successfully change Facebook page names

Now if you hover over the [?], it will reveal when your new page name will take place. You might have received an e-mail as well.

Page name changed

Within the 14 days, Facebook will inform everyone who has liked your page about the change.

Change Facebook Page name after 200 likes

As you can see on my Facebook Page, it is no longer Sugar Coated Muffin but

Congrats! You have successfully changed your Facebook page name despite being told that you CANNOT =D Now go share the news~


  1. thanks for sharing!!! :D

  2. I hope more people can benefit from this knowledge and not 'suffer' like me without knowing!

  3. wow! thanks for sharing babe!

    i wanna try if the Hola Better Internet can trick CBS to allowing me to watch survivor or not! hehe

  4. HAHAHAHA that might be possible =p Just remember to re-open it on that website

  5. Does this will be delete from facebook if been found?

  6. It's not illegal.. Just not available outside US

  7. Nice article. This is awesome and simple trick.


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