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Easter Nail Art Inspirations

Saw these really pretty Easter-themed nail arts and I just gotta share!

Okay actually this is a cheat since it's a nail sticker but the bunny is so adorable!~

Bunny hopping on grass

No bunnies but Easter egg decoration

This is a very simple one if you're a nail art newbie - little chick hatching out of an egg haha

Love love love the pastel gradient

Too darn cute!

This one is more subtle but you still get the Easter feel and she made a good conbination with the pearls

This nail art is mimicking the pattern on eggs which is rather creative!
Unfortunately, I couldn't determine the original owner of this picture =(

I am amazed at how talented some people are! Have you done your own Easter nails? I would love to see it too~


  1. yeahhhh! Very steady hands

  2. #4's my favourite but all of them are DARLING! thanks so much for sharing :'D


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