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Thailand Travels - Khao San Road, Bangkok

Before we left for Thailand, I researched online and multiple sources told me to take a boat to get to Khao San Road. Make sure you look at the map cos if you're on the same side of the river, you can just take a taxi there =_="

At that time, I was staying at Star Inn Hotel which is located in the 'traffic jam area' so we took the BTS a few stops away and hopped into a taxi for about 20 minutes. When leaving, make sure the taxi uses a meter cos there were some who wanted to overcharge us. If they do, just move on to the next taxi.

There are about 2 streets to explore with a variety of shops. Clothing stalls are kinda repetitive so we focused more on the food.

Khao San Road night market

First stop : Pad Thai! There was one particular stall that had a looong queue so we bought from another =/
With shrimp - 50 baht
With egg & chicken - 40 baht
With egg - 30 baht
Without egg - 25 baht

Pad thai at Khao San Road Thailand

It's kinda like.. fried kuey teow? Not bad lah.

Pad thai with shrimp

Nope. Not sick of these mushrooms yet. Each stick is 10-20 baht.

BBQ mushrooms at Thailand night market

They BBQ the shrooms on the spot. Yum!

Ladies & gentlemen.. This is what 200 baht of mushrooms looks like xD

Roasted mushrooms in Thailand

Sukiyaki cooked and served on a hot plate. Seats are limited though so you might have to share tables. The vegetables are really 'sweet' and portion is big.

Sukiyaki with pork/chicken - 50 baht
Sukiyaki with seafood - 60 baht
Sukiyaki with vegetable - 40 baht

Sukiyaki stall at Khao San Road Thailand

Sukiyaki with seafood in Thailand

Smoothies from fresh fruits! About 30 baht for one cup. They take the frozen fruits out from the fridge right in front of you so you know it's not those cordial drinks.

Smoothies made from fresh fruits at Khao San Road Thailand

Definitely better and healthier than bubble tea.

Compared to the small Thong Lor Night Market, Khao San Road is much bigger and is a better place to walk but still loses to the Hua Hin Night Market.


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  2. Yup! But now my phone also has an 'e-portrait' mode haha

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  8. Yay! I hope you like them ^_^

  9. So damn delicious! I just came back from Krabi! I had a beach holiday with my boyfriend but totally want to go back to bkk because of the food and shopping! I've never heard of that street before but I need to research more! The food looks amazing, tasty and so cheap!

  10. I'm sure Krabi was pretty awesome too =D


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