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Thailand Travels - Thong Lor Night Market, Bangkok

One of our favourite makan place at Bangkok was the Thong Lor night market. It's across the main road from Padi Madi. Once you get down the stairs at the BTS, they have a map of the hotspots in the area. The night market will be located in this lane, with a little over a dozen food stalls. The dude in orange on a bike is a motor-taxi. They are scattered all over the place but will not harass you for a ride.

Thong Lor night market

Love. This. So. Much.
Sotong 30baht for 4 pieces (1 stick). I had this two more times during my trip =x

BBQ Squid at Thong Lor night market

Food at Thong Lor Night Market Bangkok

'Pork hand' rice for 50 baht. Quite cheap and affordable for the portion. Very tasty too! The pork was really soft and almost melting.

Pork rice at Thong Lor Night Market Bangkok

Green curry with loads of brinjal! A must try while in Thailand since those in Msia are either too expensive or don't taste as good.

Green curry at Thong Lor night market

Pork intestines were clean and without any awful taste. Technically you can get this in Malaysia too so mehh~

Pork intestines at Thong Lor night market

Boat noodles for about 50-80 baht. Portion isn't very much but there are a lot of meatballs and meat. The soup is very heavy tasting and can be a tad salty. We ordered the Thai version of 'shuet cha' (ice tea) here and it was SO SWEET we had to ask them to pour it away and add in 50% water. But that's how Thailand is. We found that food there usually had a heavier taste compared to Malaysian food.

Boat noodles at Thong Lor night market

Some kinda rice which I honestly do not remember a year later =x

Braised duck rice at Thong Lor Night Market Bangkok

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  1. the food over there is sooo enticing!!! and YUM! =)


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