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Covo HD Picturesque Loose Powder SPF 10

Apparently this Covo product is one of the beauty award winners.

Covo HD Picturesque Loose Powder

It looks quite bulky but it fits into my palm.

These grinder thingies were quite popular at one point but I didn't try any so this is exciting!

To my disappointment, it's more of a rotating dispenser. The powder that comes out is lumpy instead of the fine powdery ones that come out of a true grinder. Due to it's lumpiness, application can be uneven.

Covo HD Picturesque Loose Powder grinder

The provided brush is of a good size and pretty soft. Not bad not bad..

Covo HD Loose Powder brush

As it's a loose powder meant to be applied on top of makeup, I didn't expect coverage to be excellent. You can use a small brush to layer on pimples to conceal them better like mineral powders.

Before and after Covo HD Picturesque Loose Powder

Not bad with pores too plus it takes away shine.

Covo HD Loose Powder SPF 10 covers pores

The shade in Nude is not too light for my skin tone but it is very matte and can appear to be dull. By layering the powder, it can lighten dark undereyes as well as pimples.

Apparently this can also boost collagen formation?

Unfortunately for me, mine was defected. Tried to live with it but as it wouldn't close properly, I often found powder dropping out. Also, the powder itself is a little loose and falls out through the big holes on the dispenser. It's quite messy and I can't imagine what will happen if I drop it.

I managed to exchange it due to the defect and also took the opportunity to try out their BB Cream at the store. The sales assistant assured me 100% that the darker shade of the 2 would NOT be too fair for me (I told her most BB Creams make me look like a ghost). Photos proved her wrong =/ That mineral blusher is pretty though!

Covo BB Cream

Size : 17 g
Price : RM 95


  1. It does show a slight difference there!

  2. Oh it looks a lot smoother and matte with the powder! The coverage isn't bad too


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