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Work to Cropped Top in 20 Seconds

I had a presentation the other day and honestly, I do not have any proper formal wear. Got bored of the same ol same ol so I dug out my sister's yellow shirt but it was oversized and really just kinda meh~

However, in less than 20 seconds you can make any work shirt look so much more interesting!

End result -
I have like a few of these panel skirts, all purchased from Tanks for 5 at a mere RM 25 each.

I tucked the 'tails' in for my presentation. Make sure you button up after the knot or it might undo itself.

The same shirt can be paired with casual clothes as well.

Great way to maximize your wardrobe, don't you think?

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  1. I do love the mint one though x.x Like.. cupcake version of After Eight


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