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Overlab Green Tea Real Powder Mask

Part of my mask surprise from Hermo were these Overlab masks. Not your ordinary masks alright!

The one I'm trying is the Green Tea one which has green tea powder on the sheet.

Check it outtt! The back is transparent so you can see that the packaging has separated the dry sheet from the essence.

Once you're ready to use it, press down on the essence side until the liquid flows into the other compartment. Ensure the sheet is thoroughly soaked before removing it from the packet. It took me some effort to complete this step =_="

Took me a while to figure out which side goes on the face but one side looks more 'plain' while the other has more colour and bits of green stuff (green tea powder) on it. Smells really soothing and relaxing like a cup of green tea on a rainy day.

Not bad for a mask but it's relatively complex and I actually had to use a rolling pin to push the essence into the mask side =/ Nonetheless, it was fun to try something new ^_^

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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