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The Cream Off Shoulder Dress

Good morning! I'm having my exam today but to change the mood, here's my #OOTD from dunno how many weeks ago lol =x

It has straps to hold the dress up btw. The frills make the dress so demure~ *melts* When I walk, they sway and I feel so princessy HAHA 

Small ribbon necklace from Reebonz~ Perfect with my sweet dress.

Bag from - RM 30

I've considered sewing the frills to the shoulder straps instead. Any thoughts? It won't look very perfect as they're actually next to each other, not overlapping.

My go-to shoes nowadays - Scholl! Too comfy..

Matched it with a sweet pink from 3CE Lip Colour in So Pink which I got from for RM 65.

Bought this dress with the lilac cutout dress in Platinum Mall (Bangkok), if you're looking for it. The quality is quite good and material is thick and soft.

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