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The Lilac Cutout Dress

I was lugging a luggage on wheels behind me, going through floors and floors of shops in Platinum Mall. Sure, they were alright.. But nothing really impressed me until I saw this shop, full of 250 baht good quality dresses, in all sorts of colours =O

It's where I got this amazing lilac dress for RM 25! I know you can find RM 25 dresses at Sungei Wang too but the quality is not as good and they don't really have colours like lilac, mint etc.

The material is thick and  comfy. No complains about the sewing.

Small cutout at the back..

Love the slighty flared skirt! The size was perfect for me. Maybe a lil too short but oh well! I can forgive it xD

Wore it with these black tassle wedges from Scholl.

Too much love for this dress..

Then some of you asked me where I got it but I told you I didn't remember. Until.. I saw the tag on the dress and found it through Google! *gasp* All hail the Internet!

Address : Floor 3F, Zone 1, Soi NATHAN 13, Room 222/756
Tel : 08-3918-1199

Buy ALL the dresses!


    I definitely won't be able to fit into it though, even if I did manage to go there and find the shop T_T

  2. Yeah, their dresses mostly size S and I bought one I cannot fit also =_="

  3. Where can I do laser hair removal courses? Any suggestions?

  4. The dress is uber cute.

    Do visit my site,

  5. OMG love the colour and cutting! Suits you well! :D

  6. i like ur dresss! love the colour and cutting so much!!!!

  7. no wonder i saw so many people buy so many heaps of clothes from bangkok! because it's so cheap and nice! thanks for your comment ,you shall see the nightmare of my nose later for my upcoming post. haha

  8. Yes I finally understand too! xD

  9. Ikr~ It was such a perfect fit


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