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The Silver Christmas Shorts

Several days before Christmas I was walking around the house in these brand new silver shorts I got from Tanks For 5.

Mum : Wah.. Christmas already ah?
Me : Why do you say that?!
Mum : You look like you belong on a Christmas tree

=_=" Hence, I named it Christmas Shorts zzz~

As it's so bling bling, I decided to match it with plain black tops. Wouldn't want to be OTT (On The Tree)

Definitely a great buy at RM 15 only! I believe it is sold out by now or I bought the last piece but they're still having a clearance sales and the prices are generally quite affordable =)

Comes with hidden zipper. I usually despise this material cos it makes me itch but it does come with an inner lining so it's alright..


  1. Nice and affordable :D Really suitable for Christmas!

  2. OTT HA! XD The shorts are really glittery, definitely something for festive occasion or a night out, haha.

  3. Oh! Its so nice. I love the white one. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Good for crossing the road with, maybe xD

  5. Yes! Love that it's so cheap~

  6. where did you bought it ?

  7. You can contact or


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