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Mega Alpha Fish Collagen - Very Effective!

Huge parcel from HiShop! Bought a few items cos they were on saleee~~ Some impulsive, I'll admit =[

I have been negative against beauty drinks in the past. How could they possibly work? It has to be some kinda gimmick to con women of their money..

Will the Mega Alpha Fish Collagen change my mind?

The powder is very very light so make sure you turn off the fan before opening.

Oh god. When they said 1-2 scoops, I didn't imagine that the scoop will be so big!! +_+ So I only take 1 scoop every night..

Mix with strong concentrations of your favourite drink because.. I am honestly telling you that this tastes horrible =/ From my experience, grape/berry juice works great! Holding your breath while drinking helps too cos you know.. Scent actually helps your taste buds figure out the taste and it smells bad too lolol

Ta-da! I gulp everything down in a few seconds and the grape juice can cover the taste.

Drink nightly for best results.. But was it worth the effort?

Yes! The Collagen drink changed my hairstyle! xD

On a more serious note, I awoke the next morning to a strangely radiant face but quickly brushed it away (cos I didn't think it would work) but after 3 days, I could no longer deny that it is making my face look better!

  • Plump skin that glows from within
  • Fine lines under eyes reduced
  • Permanent frown wrinkle on forehead disappeared
  • Pores seem tightened
I was mostly amazed with the wrinkles on my forehead cos they were the most prominent. Overall, I seemed more youthful but I'm not sure if that's cos of weight gain =/

However, I must note that effects are temporary as your body naturally breaks down collagen. You will have to consume this continuously to retain the effects and it costs RM 198 per bottle (1 month). If you can afford it, I think it's worth the money and taste!

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** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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