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So apparently Malaysia has the highest road mortality rate in SEA. That's really bad! Due to my astigmatism and the bad lighting, I find it hard to see the road at night. I wish the lines were painted with glow-in-the-dark paint instead. And our cars would have a special system which alarms us when we are drifting towards the line.

When I drive around during the day, I usually have my sunnies on but sometimes it's just too dark to wear them and yet too bright not to. Glaring sunlight stresses eyes and we tend to lose focus. You know how there are glasses with photochromic lenses which turn dark when exposed to UV light? That same concept should be used for our car windscreens! So we can drive comfortably with optimum comfort for our eyes.

The same idea can be applied on houses or buildings! We tend to hide indoors away from the sun and use artificial lighting.

But what if.. the walls and roof/ceiling can allow light in and adjust their darkness if it's too bright?! Then we don't even need to on the lights during the day (provided it's sunny) and I'm pretty sure it's much brighter without the walls. Of course, this can only be done in areas where you do not need much privacy like cafes, libraries etc. Perhaps there can be a mode to fully darken them when you need privacy.

These are all just dreams and hopes but what if I told you... Philips could make it come true? Simply send in your entries HERE.

I very enthu and submitted my ideas already. Join the fun! Stop being the person who just complains about life. Get something done and be the change.

6 ideas will be shortlisted (hopefully yours!)

The top idea will be carried out plus all 6 will win prizes~

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