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7 Wonders of Hair Depot

Dropped by Hair Depot with the other Butterfly Bloggers~ Welcome to.. Hair Heaven =x Like seriously.. An entire shop dedicated to your hair! It was like a walk in a museum as I discovered some rather.. interesting stuff:

#1 scalp scrub
#2 scalp mask
#3 hair essence
#4 color ball mask
#5 black hair shampoo
#6 giant face mask
7# auto hair curler

Scalp check scalp check! Remember, even though the whole world is raving about 1 product, you must buy the one that is suitable for YOU!

She said my scalp is oily and the pores are clogged =( Crap..

In order to remove the gunk so my scalp can breath and absorb nutrients better, I need a 

scalp scrub
Yes you read that right.. Like this Erayba Peeling Mask right here~

Talking about scalp, here's a mask that can be used on both your hair and scalp. Made by Japanese brand Midori. It is suitable for dry scalps but if you're like me, use it on your hair only.

The same brand also carries this essence which moisturizes hair, increases volume, improves shine, strengthens growth and repairs hair shaft. 

As well as hair tonics!

Then I skipped around the shop and found interesting stuff like this Gamma 10 Color Ball Mask LOL Each comes with a different colour and is priced at RM 57.80.

Next exhibition - shampoo that makes your hair black. Sure anot?! Okay, I went back to ask my mum and she said there really is such a thing but people say applying black sesame works too LOL I dunno but I'll go with the shampoo over black sesame.

Gigantic face mask! Never complain about masks being too small for your face again. It's RM 5 only for 29 pieces and includes patches for eye mask!

Some of the other stuff I found here~

Accessories including strawberry curling sponges, eyebrow shavers, NuBra, Ecotools-inspired brushes and hair brushes.

I got this awesome eyelash curler for RM 5 only!! It curls really easily and doesn't pull my lashes out. Plus the refill rubbers for RM 3.50. Planning to get more~~

You can also find hair styling tools, dye, products and 'ballet hair spray'.

You might have heard of the auto-curler but the Babyliss one retails for RM 799 while this other brand is RM 299 only! Great for newbies like me who will just never get the hang of curling tongs =x

My turn!

Opted for straight-er hair and rainbow colours! Done with hair chalk which you can buy here for RM 38 only. Colour was quite pretty, especially the blue.

Looks even better on Yuh Jiun's hair!

They are having a sale right now! You will be entitled for these special prices after purchasing above RM 100. The flat iron and hair dryer is just WTH! SO CHEAP OMGOMGOMGOMG

Thanks to Tammy for these pics!

Gonna drop by again for the RM 5 curler!

* In Bangsar, it is located on the same row as McDs!

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  1. there's many thing i think i wanna go back to grab too.. maybe when my pay cheque came.. lol

  2. Actually that is the choice you can think. For pictures and the benefits for themselves


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