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I'm a Mask Casanova

Honestly, I'm quite 'flower heart' - I want a bit of this and that. Staying with one forever is just.. not going to happen.

Assuming you use masks twice a week. A box of 10 will last you 5 weeks! Gosh.. If I don't like the first piece, I have to endure it for 5 weeks before I can buy a new one =( Then my money would also be wasted if I choose not to use it.

If you are a Mask Casanova like me..

Jeng jeng jeng jeng.. Special Hermo Mask Box!

Each Box comes with 10 pieces of masks but the good part is... you get to choose which 10 to buy! Greedy people like me would choose 1 of each type LOL so I can try them allll at a fragment of the price #kiamsiap

Love my box of masks from Hermo!

My eyes immediately stared at the Overlab masks because the back is transparent!

Interesting, eh?

More of those 2-step masks! They're suddenly becoming a hit here. These are Mediental 2 Step Clinic Masks~

Remember this brand? Previously I purchased some fake Leaders Insolution masks from Qoo10 but the ones from Hermo are authentic so no worries~

Gonna start using all of them muahahhahaha!~ Stay tuned for reviews! ^_^

Start picking your customized box today from Hermo ~

You can also use promo code 'theisabellee' to get an additional 5% off your order ^^

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