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Sept OOTDs

Since I have not completed any blog content I shall anyhow fill it with old recycled OOTD pics =x

Start off with my favourite! 

1) Ribbons & Lace Love
All from Thailand! The shorts retail here for about RM 49 and I bought mine for RM 20 or less =/ Super pretty!

Ribbon cropped top RM 20 from Platinum Mall. It's a shop that sells all sorts of cropped tops. 

2) Black Lace Skorts
Fell in love with 3 things in Thailand - Lace, skorts and cropped tops ^_^ Super duper love this! It's not really black but more of a dark blue. Looks like a really short, slutty skirt but I swear it comes with shorts !!

3) Studded Belt
Custom made to fit my size, I got this years ago for RM 25. Easy way to glam up any outfit.

4) This One Shirt
Okay lar... this shop in Platinum sells t-shirts with different designs. As I was browsing, this woman comes in, looks around for 3 seconds, shouts at her kids and then proceeds to point at various shirts around the shop saying "this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one!". Shopkeeper and I just stared at her for a moment. They must have cost peanuts for her. Mum said she was probably buying it for her maids =x

5) Floral Mini Dress / Long Top
This is obviously way too short to be a dress for me but I like it for hot weather! It's sorta thin and airy, really comfy.

6) Pink Peplum Jumpsuit
Another favourite from Thailand! I'm not sure why there are so many skorts and jumpsuits in Thailand.. It has an almost heart shaped neckline and a flowy peplum skirt which keeps it girly enough even though it's actually.. pants =/

7) Lazy Anything-lah Day
Yeah, that probably shows in my pose as well loll~ It was a pretty cold day. Glad I had on something with sleeves but it has holes on the side which probably gave me banana shaped goosebumps xD

8) Mint Shorts
The ONLY thing that is not from Thailand lmao! Was digging through my wardrobe and found my once favourite pair of shorts~ I actually bought this pre-loved from someone else cos I was student-broke but turned out pretty good!

On normal days to college, I don't dress up so lack of OOTDs hahaha! Then I heard Taylor's is going to enforce the dresscode for real so... I'm not sure how we're going to endure heavy rains & rocky 10-minute-walks-down-the-road without slippers, soaking our long pants in the flood water (I kid you not) or go through #hotdieme sun in long sleeves. Oh and the air cond breaks down once in a while too. Seriously.. Taylor's should manage their own problems before they try to manage us.

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  1. Love the lace shorts and plaid red ones too! So dressy with a nice or plain top!


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