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Win an RM 10,000 Watch!

What if I told you..

You can exchange RM 20 for RM 10,000??

Thanks to Xpax, here's your chance to be the proud owner of a watch worth RM10k! It's Time To Reload and Win a Watch!

All you have to do is reload RM 10 twice in a day or RM 30 once to enter. Then you can use that reload to call your friends and family to join as well because one winner will be chosen every day to win a watch worth RM 10,000!

Watch out for special days where they will be giving out RM 30,000 watches instead! ;)

The above are some of the actual watches past winners have won! There are still 60 watches to be won so what are you waiting for? It's #TIMETORELOAD

Promotion Period: 21 May 2013 – 31 August 2013

Check out for more info!

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