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Buy Furniture in KL/PJ From Maju Home Concept

I've always imagined my house to be just bleh looking because I can't imagine which furniture to pair with which! Then, I was introduced to Maju Home Concept..

A huge place 3 floors high, catering to all your furnishing needs! As their motto goes, it is a

"One Stop Furniture Mall"

Maju Home Concept has been around since 1987 and is one of Malaysia's pioneers. They maintain a close relationship with local suppliers to keep the price affordable while maintaining a vast variety and top notch quality. Mr Low, the managing director, wishes every family to be able to furnish their homes with affordable yet good furniture and hopes they will be inspired by the Maju Home Concept.

The whole place is shaped like a house because it's meant to give you the feel of shopping in a real house.

Goh Wee Ping (celebrity guest), Mr Low, his mother & his brother

Spotted some very interesting stuff here~

Pixar lamp! So cute!!

Fake broken lamp - I overheard someone saying "this is a great conversation starter" and I couldn't agree more..

Furry feather lamp. Do I seem to have a thing for lamps? =/

Antique looking trolley

Great for kids! Colourful stools, 'keyboard stools' and cube stools.

And who doesn't love beanbags?

Ermahgad! Full length mirrors ftw!

Huge wardrobe~~ I'm in love..

After a while, I began to notice that the furniture here not only look good but they're functional as well! Look at this table cum shelf! These multipurpose furniture will be great if you want to fully utilize the space available.

Drawers under a chair.

Would never have guessed those panels can be opened.

Even under a dining table.

The place is filled with inspirations and furnishing ideas. Especially love the top floor.

This white room is so glam and atas, I tell you!

My fav round round sofa!

Of course, they also have things for your others rooms so you can equip your house all in one spot.

Group photo from Isaac.

Address :

Wisma LKT, PT35200,
Persiaran Subang Damai,
47670 Subang Jaya

Tel603-8068 3661


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  2. These are gorgeous!! The furniture in my room is all white, but my room is small, just picturing these in a big room: Cuddly Home Advisors


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