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Woes of a Thin Girl

If someone was asked to describe me, they would probably say "thin". Not #humblebrag but it is a fact that most people who meet me for the first time (and even not first time) tell me that =_=" It's like they don't even notice anything else.. My face not pretty enough is it?!

When I was young(er), someone close to home told me that I was fat and needed to lose weight (looking back, I was barely over 50kg wtf). Obviously, it was a blow to my self confidence and I started doing things to lose weight. Fortunately, I somehow realized that I was NOT fat and didn't need to listen to people telling me I'm fat.

Spent some time wondering if I'm anorexic but then I love food so no way.. Then things like worms in my tummy or cancer came to mind. Why didn't I gain weight?? Years passed and I finally came to terms with my weight. Whatever.. Ya know?

Some of the things that annoy me :

Had to move this to the top cos it's too darn annoying!
** The HATERS - Telling me I'm so thin and it won't last (with a bitchy face).

"People who are thin like you normally grow into really fat girls later on"

Seriously?!?! Why do you have to tell me that? To make yourself feel better? Why the hate?

1) People naturally assume (or the thought went through their mind) I am anorexic "omg you should eat more..!" "gain more weight!" etc etc.. Hello..? I don't tell you to eat less so don't ask me to eat more. FYI, I don't control my diet and love to eat!

2) People like me KNOW we're thin and need to gain weight but when it DOES happen, we freak out. It cannot be explained o_O"

3) Your thin-ness creeps people out and you get weird stares. Some time back, I was working as an usher for a launching event and I donned a black body hugging dress. I could actually feel the people staring at me and whispering among themselves "omg.. she's so thin.." pfftt..

4) People exclaim how jealous they are of you; how you can eat without gaining weight. You are also not allowed to complain because 'you have no idea how many people want to be like you'. I didn't ask to be like this, okay? Just because you want to be one doesn't mean I must like it.

5) Clothes don't fit well. Belts and clinchers become close friends. I was never fat to begin with but over the years, I've continued to lose weight. I went from a 28-inch waist down to 24.5. Tight pants became loose. Kilograms were shed off the weighing scale.

6) I can't open tough doors. Oh god.. The degree of embarrassment when I could not push open the door at Burger King and my classmate had to help me. Also applies to other stuff that require strength.

7) Bones are not nice to hug =( Okay, this isn't an annoying thing, it's just sad..

Some of the things that have contributed to my weight loss :

a) Cutting down on midnight snacks. I still do eat 'extra meals' but ever since I stopped my nightly trip to the mamak, BAM! All those Maggi goreng & Milo Ais I carefully tucked into my tummy disappeared.

Snacking is on full mode again and the tummy is back.

b) College. Seriously. Countless sleepless nights (literally), that walk from the carpark to classrooms (wtf Taylor's), very sad choices of food reducing appetite and being late for 8am classes and only eating at noon! Especially near the end of the semester when exams and assignments pile up (plus my blogging), it really takes a toll on you.


  1. I know how you feel *hugs* we women all envy and strive to be like each other but one thing they do not notice is how they really look themselves in the mirror.

  2. I'm.. not thin for an Asian and it saddens me T^T But I can understand why people do not like being naturally thin for the very reasons you pointed out. Gosh, why's it so hard being a girl (/__- )

  3. Fat, thin or normal, people just find a way to say something about everyone =/

  4. my goodness, at last I found someone in the same boat as me!! I have been underweight since I hit puberty, and it's not even my parents' fault as they never tire to stuff me with lots of nutritious food (my mom is an excellent cook) and will get upset if i didnt finish them. It's just that my body wont get fat, or look normally berisi like a 21 year old girl should be. what fumes my anger to the max is, wherever I go, even as simple as balik kampung or going to class, people will question on why am I so thin, didn't I eat, am I on diet (mindfucked much) or worse, didnt my parents feed me. I always feel like slapping people who rudely question my slim figure and yeah, telling me that I will be very fat once i got married and deliver my baby (another superstition of the day). all that you mentioned above, are exactly what I experience and feel. I really want to have normal weight and normal BMI, it is not an enjoyable sight upon seeing my thin frame on the mirror either but then some perasan-gemuk girls (who are actually not obese at all) will say "you should be grateful to have such slim body, omg I really want your body you know!". sorry for the lengthy comment Isabel, I just feel it's such a relief to know that I'm not alone in this case.

  5. Gosh, how dare they ask if your parents are to blame! I'm sure your parents love you and stuff you with loads of good food! ;) Perhaps your body's metabolism is just super duper awesome. Well, if you can't gain fats, maybe you can gain muscles? =)

  6. People need to stop being so obessessed with women's shapes. I feel bad you have to deal with that. I once asked you how you stay thin, but that's because I could see that you love food, and so do I (I'm thin to average size). I hope you don't worry because you look good! Thinner or large, just try to stay healthy and ignore haters!

  7. Well, I'm glad I got over it and didn't get pulled into all this size 0 thing =)


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