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Pulau Ketam Weekend

When le Bf asked me if I wanted to go to Pulau Ketam (translated as Crab Island) I was all hmmmm... I've lived in Malaysia my whole life and have never been there. Suddenly felt this Cuti-cuti Malaysia moment. Anyway, it was supposed to be a relaxing fishing trip which brought 2 things up in my mind - fishing??!?! and of course.. SUNBURN!

Packed my stuff into my new Shu Uemura bag, grabbed my sun shields, said goodbye to Hippo, tucked the rest in and I'm off!

Port Klang is actually really near to me if you compare to other islands lol Journey was real quick! You can take the KTM as well since the station is right next to the jetty.

Alright.. Now I'll be borrowing photos from elsewhere cos I didn't take many photos during this trip =x Click on the source to read their experiences!

RM 7 air conditioned ferry packed with people which apparently caused our friend to puke otw to another island.

So we opted for a speed boat for RM 10 per head which was definitely better! Arrived quickly and we enjoyed the breeze. Very steady and not a problem at all even for someone with car sickness. Note : My cap almost flew off lolol

Arrived at Greenway kelong where we were supposed to spend the night. RM 60 per person, small basic room with 2 big beds, shared washroom outside with limited clean water. No food but the staff will help you to buy when they head to Pulau Ketam or you can bring your own food + charcoal to cook.

You will be greeted by this view! What seems to be endless sea and sky~ Hammocks available for you to relax.

This is when suddenly they all said I look like Tong Si Wing. Googled her photos and whaattt.... No way! She's so darn pretty okay! Strangely though, I hear that quite often. Show you my noob face for comparison.

Ridiculously quiet at Green Way. The Malay uncle said he just caught his first fish after a night so we sped off to Pulau Ketam. Jetty's kinda crowded and you can rent bikes for RM 5/day. Checked in to Sealion hotel for RM 100 a night, air conditioned, our own washroom, 2 comfortable beds, TV and electricity plugs. Extremely near to about 5-6 restaurants and the jetty. It's a pretty small place.

In the day we only hung around the jetty, trying to catch small fish and puffer fish =x An SPF 50 sunblock is good enough since it's shaded.

Desperate phone charger lolol

At night, we rented a boat for RM 500 (7pm-7am) to go out fishing. It's a wooden basic boat with.. no washroom, which proved to be a problem for us girls xD I notified le Bf about the problem and he actually asked the uncle if there was a washroom on his boat LOL Anyway, we ended up turning off all the lights and moved everyone to one side of the boat haha.. 

- Do bring a sarong or something for a 'washroom'
- Wear dark grey clothes if it's a wooden boat cos that's the colour it's gonna be in the end =/
- Wear clothes you don't want anymore in case squid ink gets on it

What started out as this.. 

Slowly turned into this.. Honestly, it was a little intimidating being in the middle of open water when I don't know how to swim =/ Plus this big boat zoomed past sending waves of.. well, waves at us which shook the boat from side to side, threatening to throw our stuff and us off.

We switched between fishing on the boat and at a kelong.

That's right.. Two planks' width to walk on lol

Then the kelong uncle brought up the fish traps to let us see! It brought along a sea urchin which le Bf almost stepped on cos it was so dark. 

Last photo on Pulau Ketam - I like how the whole place is so colourful and lively. 

Overall, I enjoyed the trip to Pulau Ketam. I was lucky cos it wasn't too hot that day. Food isn't that great though.. Maybe try the crabs? Fried oyster is super gooey! Food's either really salty or tasteless. There is a restaurant with 3 shoplots (1 with pool tables inside) that is good though. They have like fried rice, fried noodle, curry chicken and nasi lemak. Try to spot it =)


  1. Hahaha... you do look like her in certain angle. My case worse, I've been getting remarks I look llike Joyce Cheng too. I wish my mum is rich enough to send me to some weight loss centers if I really do resemble her. LOLX!

  2. Weight loss can be done without lots of $$ ;)


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