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ATV Adventure Park, Kemensah

After the Pulau Ketam fishing trip, I didn't really expect myself to go on another un-girly adventure so soon. It's located somewhere behind Zoo Negara and you have to go through these kinda roads.

Looks strange but yeah.. You're going the right way. Just follow the "ATV Park" signs on trees. 

You'll soon reach this place! Park at the side of the road and walk up. 

Honestly, the sight of this got me a lil nervous since they're like cars with the controls of a motorcycle and I can't even ride a bicycle =x Not too hard to control but if you get nervous, you might forget which one to pull/press x_X

One of the ATV even had a parang @_@

Photo as proof! Lolol.. Each of us rode one ATV but we were accompanied by 2 guides. Helmets are a must since there are some low branches and it isn't exactly safe.. We drove pretty near the edge and there are some steep slopes.

One of the ATVs flipped and apparently I scared le bf (behind me) every time I flew over a tree branch and threatened to fall. I also got stuck behind a tree branch while going uphill and needed a boost from behind to go over it =/

The destination was this waterfall here..

Rained the day before so the track was muddy. Whatever you have on your back (backpack etc) will be ruined with mud so be warned! Wear something you don't treasure lol And no slippers/handbags! You can leave your belongings at the HQ but there aren't lockers. So best is to actually bring a backpack like these on TheGearHunt. You may bring extra clothes if you're going for a swim.

'Fish spa' at one of the pools xD So ticklish!

Track we took was okay.. Not too tough but exciting enough for first timers. Costs about RM 150 a person.

Back at the HQ, there's a little pool at the back if you didn't get enough of the waterfall earlier. The place is sorta clean with bathrooms.

Proud to say I conquered the ATV with only one broken nail! xD Please clip your nails before heading there.. The ride gets bumpy and I knocked my nail on the handle pfft..

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