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Little Taiwan, e@Curve

Had dinner here before a movie screening at Cineleisure aka e@Curve. Le bf knew I like Taiwan food and somehow convinced me that this is the same shop as the one in SS2 (Fun Taipei Teacafe ler).

I've been craving for rice with braised sauce so I got this affordable rice set which comes with 3 side dishes and soup.

Special Stewed Rice Set RM 9.90
Portion is quite alright for the price. The minced meat and sauce with rice was good but not the best I've had. Vegetables were horribly salty! They were drenched in soy sauce so I had to dry them before eating and even then, they tasted like salted vegetables. Nothing spectacular about the tofu and egg. They weren't very flavourful but perhaps the vegetables had ruined my tastebuds. Lastly, we had MSG soup that le bf said tasted like it was boiled with a hundred chickens =_="

Claypot Lao Su Fun with Chicken Chop RM 13.90
Was a tad dry and did not have the fragrance you find in hawker stalls. Chicken chop was average.. These are made fresh so they arrive hot and crispy outside. Not too dry.

Overall, food here isn't really good. I would prefer even the McDs downstairs.

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