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Pavlova @ Serai

Ever since I saw someone post a photo of a Pavlova cake, I've been determined to have a taste of one. Spotted my friend order one at Serai and didn't waste a minute.

The interior looks a bit 'atas' even though we had to walk under the rain to get to the entrance thanks to Paradigm Mall's genius architecture. Service is great and fast.

Berry Pavlova RM 14.80
I searched online and there were numerous good reviews on the Pavlova at Serai, Empire. As this is my FIRST time having Pavlova, I searched online and it's supposed to have a crispy crust with a soft marshmallow inside.

Strangely, that is not what I experienced at all o_O The whole thing was crunchy and hard, nothing melty or marshmallow-like. It also seemed to have deflated, which according to Google could be caused by improper preparation. The cake was not too sweet and went well with the slightly sour strawberries and blueberries on top.

Fresh Apple Juice RM 10
Gotta love fresh fruit juice! Price is a killer though.. And it was a little too sweet =/

Doubt I will be returning.. Heard the Pavlova at Alexis is better so that'll be on my list!


  1. Aw maaan, too bad the cake ended up being disappointing. :/ The way you were describing how it is *supposed* to be was making my mouth water. Haha. But then yours was... not quite picturesque.

    Eh. At least it was pretty good. (Better luck at the other location!)

  2. i love how the restaurant look! very calming and relaxing...

    oh yes! you should try the one in alexis! if i can recall its rm25 per plate if i am not mistaken but it comes in a large portion. although it comes in a large portion, i saw a couple ordered each plate for them selves. and i have to admit it, it is really good! its so delicious you may not regret paying it!

  3. dayum.. RM 25 for a slice of cake?! D=

  4. I've tried the Pavlova at Alexis and it by faaar looks better than..than..this?! I hate Serai. Went there with my mom & little brother a few months ago and the service was terrible! Orders arrived at a snail's pace and can u believe it, my brother's order (which is a simple kid's meal flipping "Fish & Chips") sampai the latest! Kid's meal should always arrive first no matter what to avoid them throwing a tantrum! more than an hour for my order! RIDICULOUS and totally not coming back, EVER *Taylor Swift would agree*

  5. That's ridiculously long! Definitely have my eyes on Alexis then!

  6. Did you know that Serai gets their pavlova from Alexis? But the picture doesn't look like the ones from Alexis though.

  7. Omg I didn't know that! Maybe it's been left there for too long? =(

  8. The Pavlova in your picture looks deflated. Maybe it isn't fresh?

  9. Perhaps so.. I'll have to try it from the 'source' (Alexis)


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