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Vanity Trove March 2013 - Temptress

After getting a taste of Vanity Trove's debut box last month which I posted about HERE, I was excited to receive the March edition. I was also informed that makeup can be found in this box so yay!

These photos from previous review. I will be focusing more on the contents this time.

This month's theme is Temptress. Ooo.... Sounds so exciting and sexy.

This month's trove didn't smell as good (missing the Di Palamo product xD)

4 brands compared to 5 last month.. Also contains 7 items inside but it's sorta different.

And by makeup they meant...

Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base N (RM 118/30 g)
Kanebo Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation (RM 140/10.5 g) 
Casing with Sponge (RM 60)
Provides a natural coverage and ensures a shine-free appearance with its SPF 20 PA++ powder formula. Instead of staying as a thick layer of makeup, the foundation blends and melts into your skin when applied. This smoothens any uneven surfaces and gives you a dewy and radiant complexion!

These 2 were just meh.. cos I already have both in full size. The sponge is so hard compared to the actual one =( Don't get me wrong though. The products themselves are awesome (review coming up!) but I can get these samples from the counter for free.

2 x Bio-essence Bird's Nest Bio-energy Firm & Brighten Eye Cream
Not listed in the mini catalogue at all but retails for $29.50 (15 ml) on Very light and melts into a watery consistency. Dries matte and skin feels really smooth after!

Etre Belle Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic (RM 138/140 ml)
Here's something for ladies with sensitive skin! Works to soothe and moisturise one's delicate and irritated skin. Apply to your skin in the morning and evening after cleansing and gently massage in, followed by the cream.

Etre Belle Sensiplus Hydrasilk Day & Night Cream (RM 188/50 ml)

Protects allergy-prone skin against environmental stressors and helps to relieve itching and irritation of skin. Armed with silk proteins, white tea and pure vegetable ingredients, this power-packed moisturising cream can be used round the clock for 24 hours.

Both products give a cooling sensation when applied! The Gel Tonic completely absorbs but the cream leaves a slight sheen that's not sticky. Samples are real tiny though..

TT Orchid Extract Whitening Mask (RM 10/pc)
Excessively pampered with Orchid, Purple Peril and Chamomile extracts, it whitens, brightens and moisturises. Each sheet is stretchable and form-fitting, giving you perfect comfort and full coverage for every application. There is even enough essence left in every packet to nourish your neck and body!

Yay for something I can use immediately xD

Review HERE. Thanks to VT, I got to know about this mask brand which turned out to be really awesome! You can check out the testimonials people leave (on their website) and be awed. This is how a good beauty box should be like, introducing you to brands that you will love.

Also included:
- 20% discount voucher for Timeless Truth Malaysia masks
- 10% discount for Asian Potions full sized Body Lotion / Designer Aromatherapy Candle
- Personalized 45 minutes Vivid Colour Purification makeup lesson or makeover with Kanebo 

After looking at photos the other bloggers posted, I realized that my trove did NOT contain any products from Asian Potions. Instead, I got 2 of the Bio-essence eye creams when they got 1 + a small jar of AP lotion =(

I'm gonna be real honest here. Compared to their debut trove, this was quite disappointing. 
  • Firstly, I don't really consider a single mask piece as full size since it can't go any smaller. They're all really tiny sample sizes. Not even a deluxe sized one. Plus they look like things I can get for free from the sales assistant, a promoter or even a magazine.
  • Based on volume, value is about RM 80+ while the price of Vanity Trove is RM 60. 
  • Then there's the case of no-product-but-here's-a-discount-voucher from Asian Potions. Thought it beat the purpose of beauty boxes.
  • Lastly, don't think the items suit the theme Temptress well either. No red lipstick? Alluring perfume? A massage oil, perhaps? Or even a bit of hair removal whatever. Probably the Kanebo makeover is the most accurate lah (but then it's for Spring which isn't really sexy & seductive).. I won't be going though cos I have the products already =/
Not sure what happened there.. =( I did enjoy their debut trove very much and I'm still using the products until now. Hopefully the April trove (The Shower of Summer oooo~~~) will be better.

* Product sponsored by Vanity Trove

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