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DIY Shorts from Pants

Okay so I have this rather unflattering bright pink long pants that are also too tight for me. It is slightly bell bottomed and just makes my legs look so FAT. This DIY tutorial is pretty straight to the point so it should be easy to follow!

Put your pants on and mark your desired length. Try going longer first. You can always cut away more fabric but not add on!

Take your pants off and draw a line guide.

Cut along the guide, try your pants again and repeat until satisfied. Depending on your body shape, you may want to leave the back to be longer since you have bums.

Now fold it over and mark the length on the other side.

Try it on! You can leave it like this, fold up the hem or decorate it a bit.

I decided to fray the ends since the material was starting to fray by itself anyway. Plus it loosens up the material so it's more comfortable around the thighs. If the material is very prone to fraying, you might wanna sew around the edge.

Voila! You now have 'new' shorts to wear.

Now, I have a lot of that pink glittery fabric leftover. Any ideas? =D


  1. OMG! You should do DIY printed shorts! This is so cute!

  2. Last I checked, fabric paint/dye/markers aren't cheap T_T


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