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System Professional Smoothen Shampoo & Mask

Part of my Vanity Trove Feb edition, haircare! Always love trying new haircare.. My dry frizzy hair is just perfect to test them =/

System Professional Smoothen Shampoo (RM 65/250ml) & Mask (RM 100/200ml)

The shampoo is quite watery but doesn't lather much! There isn't sufficient foam to thoroughly clean my scalp and hair. Fragrance is REALLY strong and sweet smelling. Despite it being in the Smoothen range, I find that it makes my hair frizzy and messed up. It gets tangled even while I'm washing my hair =(

Thankfully, it came with this mask.. Smells like the shampoo. True to its name, this one does smoothen my hair and make it feel softer. My hair is fine with the mask but the shampoo alone is just a big no-no. 

The moment I entered my bf's car, he said I smelt nice. That's how strong the fragrance is. Personally, I prefer something milder. Also, I could probably get something that functions better for a cheaper price. They also have other ranges like Volumize, Hydrate, Color Save, Clear Scalp and Balance Scalp. I don't think I'll be purchasing the full size..

** Product was part of my sponsored Vanity Trove


  1. It's a shame that this has a really strong fragrance!What would you recommend, for something that functions as well as the mask, but cheaper? o: I've been looking for smoothing hair masks for a while now, and haven't come across anything yet. *A*

  2. Probably Essential or Ma Cherie, both with a sweet floral scent. The Dove one is not bad too

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll definitely check them out. c:


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