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Silkygirl Sweet Temptation Perfume Dolls Launch

Thank you to Silkygirl for inviting me to the launching of their Sweet Temptation Perfume Dolls!

The launch was at Hello Deer, Uptown. The deco is so pretty!! Food was great too.. xD

We had a lil cupcake decorating session!

Le bf didn't really believe that I made that girl's face =_="

Still wearing my apron. Pai seh..

My neighbour of the day lol

Prizes were given to the top 3 prettiest cupcakes. Obviously I didn't win haha

Finally got to meet Aisyah hahaha..

Photo from her new Samsung camera. 

With Nicole Sim.

A little fairy also told me that Silkygirl will be giving out goodies on their FB page so keep an eye out for them!


  1. cute!! reminds me of Etude's perfume doll ^_~ BTW, I'm loving your lovely dress ^_~

  2. lol, your take on the event is so short! I need to learn to type less.. xD
    Nice photos! I love your camera. I'm thinking of buying a semi-pro SLR camera sooonn~!
    Hope to catch you another time ^_^

  3. Well, I figured that usually readers aren't really interested in an event that they didn't go to hahaha!
    Also, there will be a follow up post for the product anyway =/

  4. I was invited too but couldn't make it...looks like i missed out the fun :(

  5. yes and all the fooooooooooood


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