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Yuberactive + Beauty Party with Rimmel London & Sally Hansen

Okay, this was actually a weeks ago.. =/ Felt so strange going to Taylor's for an event, not a class. Also, it's my first time at Ecoba despite already being in my 2nd sem =_="

The wet weather didn't dampen our spirits as more and more guests poured in.

One of the reasons we gathered was for the launching of the new Yuberactive 2.0. You might have seen me mention them several times in the past.

"YUBERACTIVE is a community that is excited to make a difference by bringing together inspiring stories from influencers around Asia to invoke positive action!"

We had Patrick as our host and then Jia Yee & Joanne shared their inspirational stories. 

Jia Yee shared her story about "Our Little Book Keepers" where they collected and brought back 800 books to a kampung (village) for the children. Hopefully, they will be able to provide more through this portal.

Moving on, the organizers told us that there was a contest where winners will receive Rimmel London & Sally Hansen goodie bags! We were provided with a piece of paper and marks to draw a poster, make up by Rimmel London and nail polishes from Sally Hansen.

I actually went there bare faced and had a fun time digging into the big box of makeup. Everything on my face is from Rimmel, including the tree lol

My group did not win but here are the winners!

Then it was revealed that it was Iris' birthday so they brought out a 'cake' (stack of Subway cookies lolol) for her.

With Rane & Jennifer, my groupmates.

Jean, my classmate from KDU who is one of the brand knights.

Extra camwhoring when I got home lol xP

I also received a couple of goodies there so reviews will be coming up!

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