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V Dream Hair Studio, Taman Megah

The thing about purchasing deal vouchers, I forget about them =/ Redeemed this on the very last day lolol Gave my tresses some pampering at V Dream Hair Studio.

It has a clean and bright interior, not dodgy at all.

Unglam shot =_=" I went through a hair analysis with a machine and Vincent, the professional stylist, suggested a detox treatment (RM 80) for me cos my scalp is clogged =( Was treated to a hair wash that was alright but got my whole back wet. Shiseido treatment for smoother hair was applied immediately after and hair wrapped in a towel.

Vincent offered some of this wonderful Morocco Argan Oil (RM 168) that tames hair without the oily feel. Having the word 'OIL' in it, I wasn't too convinced until I touched my hair after. Silky soft, no oily patches or clumps! Even his hands were not oily. How is that even possible!

Also trimmed my fringe a lil for RM 10. Wasn't very satisfied with it though as he snipped off some parts of my fringe which should be longer.

Some of the current offers.

OOTD : Sister's top and shorts lol Belt from Tanks for 5 and bag from Thailand, courtesy of bf's sis.

Address : No. 49, Jalan SS 24/8, Taman Megah, 47301 Petaling Jaya
Business hour : 10am - 8pm
Hotline : 012-205 8142
Tel : 03-7805 3077


  1. :O It's so near to my house!! Should've gotten the deal. Missed it. :(
    Your hair looks so nice and flowy and smooth after the treatment!! :D

  2. I like your hair it's so cute ^_^

  3. Maybe can try the others like the Argan Oil treatment


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