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Silkygirl LE Sweet Temptation EDT

Remember I wrote about the Silkygirl launching event I went to? Well, each of us were given a goodie bag. After sniffing every single one, I couldn't really decide but since I wore yellow that day... Sunshine Sue came home with me.

There was also a fluffy pink cotton candy inside the bag but my bf happily nibbled at it right beside me without asking if I wanted some HMPH


Honestly, I was torn between Innocent Isabelle (would have grabbed this if it was exact spelling xD) which smelt like YSL Babydoll and Sunshine Sue, a lighter floral perfume. Lovely Lucy was very fresh, Charming Charley is fruity while Bold Becky is obviously more bold.

The perfume boasts a lasting power of at least 6 hours.

Each of us probably like different types of perfumes that match our personalities and we have to find one that suits us. These Perfume Dolls come in 5 variations for 5 types of people. But how do you know which one suits you the most?

Click HERE to find out which Silkygirl Sweet Temptation are you! They will also be giving out prizes~~

So far, I'm liking my Sunshine. I even spray it into my room once in a while xP

The Perfume Dolls retail for RM 19.90 only, starting 15 November 2012 at all major retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide.

Size : 15 ml
Price : RM 19.90
Made in Malaysia

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Oh the packaging of that perfum is really cute *..*

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  2. It's so cute!! I def gotta go and sniff see if any of them suit my fancy. I've never tested YSL Babydoll before, but i'm interested to find out how it smells like. XD Maybe I shall get the pink one, hehe.

  3. Nice... you got the yellow one... this one is my favourite! and the blue. :)

  4. It was one of the first perfumes I actually wore cos it's not too strong and overwhelming. It's a light girly sweet scent.

  5. When I smelt the blue one I strangely imagined a beach with the sea breeze!

  6. These are so cute!

  7. The perfume looks so cute! : D

  8. Love the cute packaging!
    I think it's cute temptations instead :p

  9. I wish they had something that smell more like cupcakes, vanilla, coconut and all that good stuff since the theme going on is sweet wonderland!
    I had mine in my bag all the time.. :)

  10. Such a cute packaging...and very affordable too.


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