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Leaders InSolution AC-Dressing Skin Clinic Mask

Pampered myself with another Leaders InSolution Mask! According the this FB Page, they're coming to Malaysia! Not sure if the page is by the company or a shop though..

This one is meant for oily/combination skin. I like how they tell you the function of the mask so you can buy one that suits you.

Snail secretion filtrate. Hmm...

As always, good quality sheet soaked in essence and covers my undereyes. 

Didn't see any improvements on my imperfections immediately after but I wasn't expecting any after just 1 use anyway. It did, however, provide hydration to my skin.

Size : 25 ml

The other variants that I've reviewed :

** I did not purchase the product. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. ooohh, green eyes...~ (lol, totally unrelated)
    another new brand on the market huh? :D

  2. Sounds not bad, since it caters to different skin types. Is the mask similar to My Beauty Diary ones? From your pic, it looks similar (texture-wise, it looks thin and translucent). I have tried other brands of masks before and I don't like those thick thick ones. >_<

  3. I saw several Singaporean bloggers reviewing it some months back

  4. MBD is thinner pulp mask. This one is thicker but it's not like the old MBD. It's unique.. Thick but breathable and retains the essence well.


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