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Be Featured!

Ever feel like a brand doesn't appreciate you as a customer?

To give back to their customers, Empro will be featuring photos of their customers on their Facebook page. 

Be seen by over 11000 people with these easy steps. (Great if you're trying to expose your blog!)

1) Snap a photo of you and Empro
- Empro products
- Using Empro products/embroidery
- Anything about us

2) Post it on Instagram
3) Tag #empro

For those without Instagram, you may post it on your Facebook wall (yours, not Empro page!) then tag Empro. Make sure it's public though!

I'm grabbing my Empro stuff and taking photos now!

Hint : Make sure your photo isn't promoting other brands to increase your chances of being picked!


  1. Perfect! AM about to check them out for their eye brow shaping services!

  2. I think Empro doesn't sell where I come from :( so I won't be able to join in!


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