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Banish Bad Skin Day with Cellnique!

I'm sure we've all experienced that one day where we have particularly messy hair, swollen eyes etc. In my case, it's Bad Skin Day. Probably caused by insufficient consumption of water, stress and air conditioning blowing onto my face the entire night.

Let's take a closer look!

Hello dry, flaky and rough skin. This condition can be a really bad experience since foundation doesn't go on well, it gets itchy and is very sensitive. Also, fine lines and wrinkles are more obvious when you skin is dehydrated!

Introducing... The latest innovation from
Cellnique; the Intensive Hydrating Cream!

The richly-textured cream is packed with Ceramides & Phytospingosine, strengthening our skin's lipid layer which helps to retain moisture. Not only does it provide moisture but also fight the problem at it's root!

Instantly relieves dry and dehydrated skin, revealing plump, soft and healthy looking face! Also contains anti-oxidants to protect skin from the environment.

If you have Bad Skin Days, you need Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cream to repair and replenish your skin ;)


  1. nice picture...i wanted to try illustrator some time soon wahahah..

  2. haha that is a really cute entry!

  3. Lol cute! Did you do the drawings yourself?

  4. It's complicated x.x Can't really figure it out so I draw the outline and import to Photoshop hahahaha!

  5. Yeah.. Just learned Adobe Illustrator in college and discovered that awesomeness of it's brush!


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