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Essential Rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion

After loving the Nuance Airy range, I finally got to try the Rich Premier, thanks to Cynthia! FYI, Essential is not available in Malaysia and based on an e-mail I sent to them, there aren't any plans to bring them in =(

As opposed to the clear Nuance Airy serum, this one is a creamy white colour. Also smells heavenly! I normally use about 3 pumps.

On the left is how my hair normally looks on any day. On the right, I've applied on the side with the tick. Can you see the huge difference?! My fluffy hair sticks together without looking oily/wet and it's so shiny~~


After fluffing it up, my hair is still rather 'in control'. Not sure why my cheeks look so puffy here.

OK enough of my face! xP Would anyone be interested in winning some Essential products? =)

Product says :
Intensive Leave-on Treatment enriched with High Purity Honey Oil & cuticle repair essence.
Instantly repair dry and damaged hair.
Hair stays soft and manageable all day.
Size : 60 ml
Bought from : Singapore pharmacy

Pros : Smells lovely, works to de-fluff hair, doesn't appear oily/wet
Cons : Unavailable in Malaysia

My conclusion : Awesome! This is stronger than the Nuance Airy one but I guess the NA is better at preserving curls. If you just want to tame your fluffy hair, this is a good investment!


  1. I'm using the shampoo and conditioner, and it's the best so far for my stubbornly frizzy hair! Must get this lotion when I'm in SG next month. >__<

  2. Looks like I'm not the only one having prob with the fact that they are not available in Msia :P I'm currently using this range of shampoo and hair treatment as well after finishing my NA shampoo :D So I usually had my friends to get their products if they were to go to Singapore or Taiwan :P I would be definitely interested to win Essential products *raise hand*

  3. The results are incredible! I'm falling in love with the Essential rich premier line so much. :0

  4. Eh sure bo?? You'll have to pay me back in SGD though, LOL. Drop me a Facebook message if you really want me to haul some back for you :D

  5. I love its hair mask ;) i am currently using its shampoo n conditioner, maybe i will write a review about it later :P
    never tried this product, thanks for your review!

  6. Wanna try Essence so bad T_T

  7. Wow! I can see the difference...I love how shiny it makes your hair look and super nice that it doesn't look oily at all..Loves ^_~

  8. Can buy from! Except the serums =(

  9. I love love love your blog! :O umm..I have request. Can you please do a review on skin food's blushes? like 'Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek' and 'Rose Cheek Chalk'? I have been eyeing the Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek in Peach but not sure if it looks good on oily skin like me. I heard they are good in other countries' blog reviews but I haven't seen any reviews made by the Malaysian, maybe you can be the first? cuz I seen you made a lot of great reviews on other products! please...and thank you! ^^


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