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Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist

Got this from Supermodel's Secret. Boasting to have 1000mg of collagen, I'm sure it attracted many people. I don't believe spraying collagen on your skin actually helps but I just got it because many girls said it's hydrating. Can be used as a toner or before/after makeup.

Product says :

The roundish pink bottle with laced heart is just too darn cute!

There's even a mini version that comes in a heart shaped bottle!

Comes with a spray cap.

Even though it's called a collagen MIST, I wouldn't say it's actually 100% mist as there are some bigger blobs of liquid. Some people spray this on a cotton pad to use as a lotion/toner.

This is how the mist actually goes on your skin lol

Yes, this is how I look like when I spray it on my face lolol Close my eyes tight and hide my lips. I should really just stop taking photos in tube tops..

When I spritz this on my face, it's so refreshing and I love the smell! It's a very light and pleasant scent that reminds me of fresh juicy pomelos!

The mist is pretty fine and you can't see it except for the big blobs (beside my nose). Unfortunately, I don't think it actually helped with my dry and patchy makeup. Probably too dry to handle =/

I have to post this.. Cos I think I look quite pretty here LOL Cheated with the panda eyes and nose though =x

Size : 250 ml
Price : RM 49
Bought from : Supermodel's Secrets
Made in Japan

Pros : Refreshing, cute bottle, smells good
Cons : Not an actual mist

My conclusion : Overall, I wouldn't say it helped with hydration. Probably just a light spritz before applying makeup? It absorbs fast and doesn't leave residue behind. You can bring this out and spray it on whenever your face feels hot and dry.


  1. I'm just not buying into the 'face mist/spray' thingy. In this weather, everything melts, and my thinking is that anything that i spray on my face will make it melt faster, lol. The packaging and the scent is super nice tho. >__<

    P/S: Agree, you should take pics wearing something that isn't a tube top LOL XD

  2. HAHA! Yes.. I'll remind myself on that.. Well, this one didn't smudge my makeup. I just spray and pat it in.

  3. You look pretty in all these photos ;)

  4. I LOVE facial mists but I HATE it when the liquid doesn't come out in fine mists but rather drops like you said... I'd get "blobs" too. LOL


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