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One Dessert, SS2

I enjoy having dessert every now and then. This place is located on the same row as CIMB Bank and Ochado.

Sago with Sea Coconut seemed like a good start.. I thought it would still be the same soup base as the Sago with Mango dessert but this one has a much stronger coconut taste in it which I strangely thought was the taste of yogurt at first. It has about 4-5 slices of really crunchy sea coconut inside. It's not bad actually, but I prefer the mango one.

Next is the Bean Curd with Almond Soup which I'm not too sure how to describe. Actually only half of it is bean curd and the remainder is the almond soup. Particularly, I did not like the syrup for the bean curd because it has ginger inside and it's also not really the usual light pandan kind. Once mixed with the almond soup, it created this strange sickeningly sweet taste. Apart from that, the bean curd is really soft and smooth while the almond soup is like liquid almonds! Honestly, I would have liked it both without the syrup.

This is my first time having a sweet spring roll! Well, actually it is half savoury, half sweet. The Durian Spring Roll is salty and crunchy outside, protecting the sweet soft durian paste inside. The crust is so crispy and light, it was flying all around =_="

They weren't stingy with the paste which tasted heavily of durians. We could even smell them the moment the dish was served.

Fourth dish - Rice Roll with Prawns aka Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun. Tucked inside each roll are prawns and corn. The prawn was alright but corn was overcooked. It didn't have enough taste though so we bathed it in the yummy soy sauce and topped them with the spicy sambal. Each piece is a perfect size for a mouthful.

Omg.. This is food from the heavens, I tell you! I've tried radish cakes from numerous other places but they're always the same chewy bouncy type (added too much flour). The Deep Fried Radish Cake here puts them all in shame! The outside is crunchy and slightly salty but as you bite in, the inside of the radish cake is so soft, it kinda melts in your mouth. At only RM 3.80, I'm sure to order this again on my next visit! Highly recommend this dish.

Our last dish, the Rice Roll with BBQ Pork. The prawn one wasn't very satisfying so I had to order this to convince Nicole that it's indeed delicious. Everything is the same except for the filling which is BBQ Pork. Again, we poured soy sauce over it and had it with some sambal. There was so much flavour in it and it was so scrumptious with the soy sauce and sambal. This is another dish I would recommend you to try.

The reason Nicole and I pigged out is because of their buy 2 get 1 free promotion! We only paid for 4 dishes when we had 6. Just checked when I was writing this blogpost that we were charged for all 6 because we left at 5.10 pm even though we made all our orders before 5pm. Apparently, you have to finish all your food and be out of there by 5pm. When I brought this matter up with the manager though, he kindly refunded the 2 dishes on our next order.

Total damage in 2 hours lolz

Still tired from finals.

I love this place! Please don't ever close down.. T_T Or move somewhere else lol

Address :
76, SS2/60,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Phone number : 03-7865 6288 / 010-2203377
E-mail :


  1. Eh, like that also got one! :O Must leave before 5pm so that can get the offer? lllorz
    SS2 is becoming a tong shui place d, haha

  2. Guess it's like those buffets.. Must finish food within stipulated time xP Well, the food is good so I'll still go back kekeke


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