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Fun Under the Sun with Clinique

I've only been to Sunway Lagoon once and I was really young. I remember my mum was upset with me because I was too scared to go on the ride so she had to take care of me while the rest went on it lol That unfortunately, is the ONLY thing I actually remember. Isn't it sad?

Thanks to the Clinique Beach Party, I got another chance to experience Sunway Lagoon and hopefully, bring back happy memories this time.

Phew.. Panda eyes were tamed that day. Wearing my still loved laced top from Ladies Fashion. Eye makeup was waterproof to endure the heat and water, Maybelline Hypersharp & gold Silkygirl eyeliner.

Look at the number of people already in the water! My friends were all eye-ing that guy on the right =_="

Suddenly someone grabbed my arm and it was my classmate, Sharon!

A booth with pretty promoter girls to apply Clinique sunblock with SPF50 on us! There were body creams, face creams and an interesting targeted protection stick. It's the new Clinique Sun with Solar Smart.

Spotted some of the other bloggers there having a makeover with Clinique products. Apparently so waterproof, it didn't budge even after entering the water!

The very inviting water.. If only I was actually dressed to go in xP

Crowd beginning to build up. It was hot so we were glad for the complimentary drinks.

Laura with magical waterproof makeup on.

Aaanndd vanity hits me lolz erased my exam tiredness and blemishes but they'll pop up in other people's pics pfft..

Thanks again to Clinique for having us!

P.S. To the Bieber fans who were running like gazelles being chased by a leopard and knocking into me as though I was a tuft of grass , you're really rude! Seriously. If you drop my camera, I'll be that leopard.

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