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Sasatinnie Rose Hip Oil Tightening & Rejuvenating Silky Mask

Yeah so I got another box of this cheap & good mask ^_^

I wasn't particularly excited about the said benefits of using this mask but it was such a beautiful pink!

I'm still not over the prettiness of this.

The 0.2 mm sheet from Japan is really nice on my skin. It stays moist long enough and is really comfy.

Told you it's pretty!

Happy cos a pretty mask is making me pretty. First time my 'mask pic' looks okay hahaha! It's not an exact fit but good enough~

Obviously I didn't feel any tightening effects so fast but it hydrated my face well. So soft and smooth after! Not forgetting the super nice rose scent x.x I'm not talking about cheap perfume kinda rose smell kay.. This was so soothing and nice to sniff.

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Ingredients :

Size : 25 ml
Price : RM 26.90 (10 pcs)
Bought from : Sasa
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Moisturizing, smells good, cheap, thin and comfortable sheet
Cons : -

My conclusion : Worth repurchasing! I think there's another variant that I have not tried yet. Must get it! xD


  1. Thanks for the review~ Tehee I think you got super smooth skin *_________* 

  2. Thanks but seriously, my skin is full of bumps x_x Just doesn't really show on camera + I edit them lolz


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