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Malaysian Taxis Are Dangerous

Suddenly felt like talking about a past experience of mine (and also cos I'm lazy to edit photos lol)

I was supposed to meet a friend in Sunway Pyramid but he ffk-ed me (stood me up) so I was alone and decided to hail a cab to 1 Utama to meet another friend instead. The taxi driver insisted that I sit in front beside him despite me already having opened the back door. Found it a lil weird but brushed it off and got in.

As he started driving he tried conversing with me and talked about a trip to Thailand. He said he had a travel brochure at the door pocket on my side. As he reached over to grab it, his arm casually brushed against my thigh which was like WTF? But again, I let it go..

He told me how fun Thailand was and asked if I wanted to join him on a trip there. He would pay for the trip. At this point, it was getting really really weird and awkward. We were in the middle of a highway so I couldn't exactly hop off.

When I refused his offer, he took a gold ring out to show me. "Ni cincin emas betul tau? Nak cuba tak? Cuba la.. Emas ni.. Cuba la.." which translates to 'this ring is made of real gold. Wanna try? Come on, try it.. It's real gold. Try it..' First thing that entered my mind : There's a SPELL on that RING! DON'T wear it!!

It's actually not uncommon for people to use black magic on objects to take control of victims. So many stories going around here. There was no way I'm touching that ring or anything else he offers me after that (now that I think of it, I did take his name card =_=").

Several things dashed through my mind.

Should I just ask him to let me down here in the middle of the highway?

Is it dangerous to open the door and jump out?

If I slap him, will he swerve and get us into an accident, harming others?

omgomgomg I better remember his face and name *stares at ID*

I was so relieved when I reached my friend's house. He still didn't give up and asked for my phone number. Gave him a fake number and he handed me his name card, asking me to call him wtf I exited the cab and tossed the card.

Regret! Should have kept the card to report him. That was some years ago. The present me would have definitely taken action instead of just letting it go. Maybe because I didn't someone else became a victim. Dam you taxi driver. Because of you, I am afraid of taking taxis alone!!

** Just FYI, I was wearing a loose fitting shirt and knee length skirt =_=" Before any stupid people decide to comment that I tempted him into doing so.


  1. Whoa. That's a pretty scary experience! >_< I've never been in such a taxi situation before, but i'm still wary of taking cabs nevertheless, because i keep hearing stories about stuff like this happening.

  2. xplee_fion9424 May, 2012 13:41

    i also go around remembering drivers' id n name, jz in case he gonna kidnapped me or watsoever hahaha

    nice blog!!!

    best wishes,

  3. Uggghh.. disgusting! remember next time if u have no option but to take a cab, sit behind so that u are far away from them.. be safe!!

  4. omgggg so creepy!!! i've never taken a taxi by myself, regardless of country. i always imagine i'd get a creeper driver lol

  5.  scary experience!

  6. Yup.. better be careful.

  7. Next time I sit taxi alone, I should take his photo and post on FB LOL "If I'm not on Facebook for more than 2 days, this man took me" xD

  8. Yeah! I wanted to sit behind (door was already open) but he kept telling me to sit in front dammit

  9. Arpita Mohanty25 May, 2012 15:15

    Ya Isabel...these Taxi drivers are so uuugggghhhh sometimes....even I prefer bus or trains but never cab when I am alone...Why do people have to be so creepy and cheap????huh I hate such people....

  10. Yeah.. Even the ones in my college give me like 'cat call' (squeaking sound) and I find it annoying. That's sexual harassment dude.


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