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All these years, I've thought glasses to be a hassle but I think I might like wearing them now! So lazy to put on makeup and all for morning classes. Sometimes I wish I could just pop on glasses and that's it. However, I'm too vain for that =/

Then I got these Hello Kitty specs which probably everyone and their aunt has already. I wanted black framed glasses but this was the only one that looks good without looking nerdy.

Why do you need these? Check out my before & after pics! I'm not wearing makeup here.

1. Panda eyes not so obvious
2. Overall, I don't look so tired
3. Face appears smaller
4. Eyes look more attractive
5. I'm cuter lols
6. It hid the stupid pimple on my nose bridge!

The power of HK glasses! ^_^ They look pretty different without my contacts though. You'll see pics when I've bought prescription lenses for it.

Not sure if it's cos of the glasses but this girl in college walked past me and gave me a disgusted bitch stare wtf =_=" But later during lunch, another girl smiled at me cos she was wearing them too (but in white).

Cute right? Cute right?



No eyeliner here but still looks okay, I guess..

Works better with makeup.

Not really related.. One of my fav tops! Hello Kitty top le Bf chose. It's so soft & comfy.

There are so many types of HK glasses in the market. Mine is without 3D whiskers & the ribbon is a peachy pink.

The ribbon can be removed if I start to find it to be too weird =x

And yes, I'm serious about fitting lenses into them so I can wear them everyday xD Surveying around for lens prices now.

Suddenly reminded of my Hello Kitty inspired look lol


  1. I love those glasses! :) they're really cute and perfect for when you're just going to classes and things :) I wish I could wear these to my professional work place but they'd look too cute for work! hehe

  2. Infected by MIAO disease already. LOLX!

  3. at least I never go nyan nyan nyan nyan lol

  4. LOL!!! Gave you the "bitch stare" XDDDD
    I personally like big glasses, but I don't really like the trend of wearing them without any lenses on the glasses.
    Your face is already quite small! :)

  5. Haha! Yes.. Unless you work in a 'creative environment'

  6. They really are cute! I tried a friends pair on at school! surprisingly suits my face! I like how you've worn it with minimal make up! :)

  7. I like wearing glasses too when I'm lazy because it takes the attention off other parts off my face xD

    Your top is cuuute :)


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