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E Portrait Mode

If you ever thought I had 'such nice skin', you need to read this post lol

Most of the photos in my blog were taken using my Olympus Pen Lite E-PL2. Shots of people are usually taken using e-portrait mode which is like 'beauty effect'. Basically, it makes you look better because it smooths skin.

First example is my latest profile picture. I'm already wearing full on makeup (which means foundation & concealer) so blemishes aren't so obvious PLUS the benefits of Hello Kitty specs!

I'm a nice person so I'm gonna make it easier for you to compare.

I like to brighten all photos on my blog. Just feel it's nicer? o_O If you noticed, I also removed my panda eyes. They seriously make all the difference! Example below is more shocking.

E-portrait works great for uneven skin tone, pimples, stray hair & pores (doesn't seem to help much for my nose though). I do think it is a little too fake sometimes so I just edit the original photo.

Not much difference to my face but it blurs out my hair as well (camera probably sees it as skin colour).

Wow.. And I just noticed how well my Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses match my hair xP

Yeah.. So there's my confession. I use a cheating camera & Photoshop. I have written about how I remove skin imperfections, pimples or stray hair & shine before so it shouldn't come as much of a shock if you've been following me for a while lol

Not gonna give you reasons on why it's okay to do this just to justify my actions. I admit it's all because I'm super vain, I like playing with Photoshop and I want to give my readers something nice to look at. Plus it's my blog and my photos! None of your business okay? Don't like, don't read.


  1. I want this feature for real life! ;-)

  2. I actually think it's a must for us bloggers to do some editing to our photos, be it to lighten or correct colours. I've read some articles that even say some people are just too lazy to edit photos, which makes for crappy pics, lol. Anyway, I think you look fine in ALL the photos. :) Some minor edits/changes doesn't make it cheating or lying, unless it's seriously photoshopped until don't look like the original one edi. 

  3. so do I!! Hahaha! If only.. if only..

  4. It's subjective I guess. Many people find it 'deceiving' but I don't think there's anything wrong unless you Photoshop your skin for skincare reviews.

  5. Such a cute blog!!!
    I made a blog recently as well!!!I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!Thank you!!!

  6. Intuition Magicdrag24 April, 2012 11:27

    Bloggers just make things nicer for people's eys. Don't mind the other people's comments! Keep posting :)


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