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Higher Blush Application

I've read about this trend in several blogs where the blusher is applied higher than usual. Normally, I apply blusher below my cheekbone, on the apples. Recently, I tried applying it higher, right on the cheekbone or undereyes.

Can you see the difference? The higher side seems more alive, young & lifted. Apparently, it's supposed to help hide panda eyes as well but mine is already too serious & cannot be helped.

An example of where I place the brush.

I'm using the NYX Powder Blush in Peach.

I've been using my blusher like this all the time now ^_^ It's still pretty normal looking and not so different like how Momoko Ogihara wears it.

Have you applied your blusher higher than usual before?


  1. You pulled it of really well! Actually when I saw it on momoko I was like... no. XD. but you do it so more subtle and more natural than her. I like yours version so much better :D it does give you that lifted effect. I like ^_^

  2. Hmm.... Normally I'm a very sloppy (lol) blush applier so i can't tell where exactly i brush it on @_@, but i think brushing it higher does make you look much brighter and fresh! :)

  3. I can't see much of a difference in this one. Perhaps with a stronger colour?

  4. If I apply like her, I think it will enhance my dark undereyes lol

  5. Sorry, my camera washed out the colour :(

  6. Nice makeup! Momoko inspired?

    Hey, your complexion looks nicer and nicer. Any secrets?

  7. Camera + photoshop, I swear. Gonna post on that lol but irl, yeah, less pimples now compared to last time. And a lot of the 'blemishes' were scars which have greatly improved with Kiehl's serum

  8. yaya i've been doing that too since i saw it on fourfeetnine's blog! look cuter imo. :D

  9. Ffffff- *writes down 'Kiehl's serum' for her own dark spot*

    Anyway, as I was going to say, I had no idea this was trending. o:  I rarely apply blush, but when I do,I tend to apply it higher since I have weeiirdd cheekbones.

    You look lovely with the high blush!  You're right-- it does at something more youthful to a makeup look....

  10. i also apply my blush at the high point of my cheeks...underneath my highlighter.
    i have a round face & doing it this way gives my cheeks a more defined yet soft look compare to contouring!

  11. i seldom wear blush;)
    but i am now inspired by u, blush can somehow change our faces' shape :)


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