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TS239 Falsies

Latest addition to my tiny falsies collection~ I actually bought 2 boxes but I like this 1 better. It's shorter at the inside and gradually gets longer towards the end. The slight criss cross adds volume to my lashes. Yay!~ The lash band is black and thick though so it is visible and tends to come off at the corners.

Although not very visible, it does add definition to my eyes. Right side is with falsies.

Close up shot. They do look a bit plasticky but I wouldn't say it's OTT.

Got sick of seeing my own face so shrunk them all =_=" Gosh, I hate my big nose zz

I somehow am still more attached to my old falsies though..

Recycled from yesterday's post swt

I guess I'm not really adventurous with my falsies yet but it's a step above mascara! And my lashes feel better without the constant rubbing to remove mascara too. Phew..

Forgot to mention.. I got these for RM 13/10 pairs at the night market but I saw it on KKcentreHK for $2.65 or so.

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