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CNY Pics

Don't really have many pics since I was too lazy to lug my camera around =x

First lou sang of 2012! Er.. Prosperity overflowing until it's flying everywhere? xD

DIY Lou Sang with Marian & Adelyn. Got scolded cos we didn't separate the individual ingredients (we were trying to see who could make the most perfect and round lump).

Pink cheongsam for reunion dinner. We sapu-ed almost 3 bottles of wine & took 2 extra dishes from another table (there were 3 tables of us). Gosh, we're such pigs xD

Buffet dinner at Jogoya with my sister and her in laws. Free flow wine & Haagen Dazs FTW! Food was alright... But not amazing. If you're up for affordable Japanese buffet, you can check out Maiu, The Place, Damansara Perdana. It's RM 38++ for a 3 hour buffet for adults. It used to be Umai-Ya but they changed the management so it's similar. No unagi & beer though.

Ok that plate of prawn was actually my brother's haha.. I only wanted the jellyfish ^_^

Love jellyfish! Took about 6 bowls in total lol

Took so much Haagen Dazs, the lady started giving me smaller scoops wtf

Eyes a bit red already =/

With mummy

Inside lift also wanna camwhore lols

Chap Goh Meh dinner at home..

Prawnnn~~ I actually like prawn but I never eat it outside cos I hate peeling it like a barbarian in front of everyone =_=

First photo of us after bugging him for so long xD

And he asked for this pic! (omg.. the perfect bf hahaha!!)

Well, my CNY was quite different this year (usually it's really quiet) since I spent some time with the Bf and his friends.

Ending with a photo of me LOL I love this app on my phone.. It's no Instagram but I do like the effects the most among all the other photo apps I have. It's called Vignette Demo. You can take photos by simply tapping on the screen, there's silent mode and many settings.


  1. I love your pink cheongsam! :D
    btw here's the store XD

  2. wow isabel, you avalanched me with so many posts! i enjoyed them though! :D

  3. I'd been there few times too... good value for money... some good pictures are at my blog

  4. Yup! I liked Umai-ya but the RM50+ was a heartache. This is slightly cheaper but without unagi & beer, which I can live without. I just spammed the salmon sashimi, soft shell crab (not as oily as umaiya!) & jellyfish xD


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