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Essence Metallics Magnetic Nail Polish

From my observation, the latest trend in nail polishes are magnetic ones. Gone are the days of cracking polishes! (I didn't even buy 1)

I gotta admit, I didn't know this was available here in Malaysia until I saw someone asking about it on the COCiCOCi FB page. I went to their outlet in Mid Valley and found it!

The one I got is in 01 Iron Goddess, which according to online reviews, would give the best results. FYI, the black one isn't magnetic.

It has a normal brush.. Without the magnet, the polish looks like any other polish except it dries really fast.

With the Essence Metallics Magnet, you're able to create 3 different patterns. They're all stripes. It's just different according to which direction you use it.

Oops.. Got some nail polish on my magnet. Reminder : Do not hold magnet too close to your nail =/

So does it work?


Sorry, I think the middle one got affected when I was doing the diagonal one (left side) which is why it looks a bit strange.

(click to enlarge)

1 : Here's how it looks like on my nails. It's not as nice since my nails are quite curved and it's harder to hover the magnet over the whole surface.
2 : Combination of random diagonal lines gives a 'zebra effect'
3 : Two diagonals in opposite direction make an arrow

* Apply a thick layer and turn off the fan if you're having difficulty creating the pattern
* If your hands are very shaky, it helps to rest both finger and magnet on the table or touch the magnet on your skin (above cuticles) then tilt it towards your nail.

Anyway, there are quite a number of brands selling magnetic polishes but this is the first I saw in Malaysia. Different brands have different magnets so you can actually buy the magnets and use it with other brands of nail polishes.

Size : 0.27 fl oz / 8 ml
Price : RM 9.90 + RM 7.90 (magnet)
Bought from : COCiCOCi
Made in Scotland

Pros : Dries fast, easy nail art, pigmented, works with any magnet
Cons : Less effective/harder to use on curved nails

My conclusion : Would be very interesting if paired with special magnets but this is easy & simple. I saw that they restocked several other colours but did not grab them =(

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