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TS001 Falsies

These are also from the night market, like the previous ones. I guess you could find similar ones online.

Today's eyeliner is slightly different. It's Solone eyeliner in Black topped with some blue eyeshadow & yellow near the tear ducts. The pop of blue was quite a nice change from usual black ^_^

I wouldn't say it's very natural but it's definitely in the natural category for me. The backbone is black and thick, making it stiff and less comfortable. I find that the cheap ones are always like that.

If I'm not mistaken, I also did that blusher-higher-than-usual thingy and I think it actually looks better.. I did do some PS work on my panda eyes though =/

Black toga dress with ribbon on shoulder from Sungei Wang, RM 25. Belt was custom made (just the length) from a blogshop some time ago when studded belts were all the rage. Originally, there was a weird looking strap on the other side but I removed it cos it was too hideous.

Went to get some stuff in Mid Valley. Hopefully I'll get around to reviewing them soon! ^_^


  1. I can say this is natural too for my taste XD, I've a similar design like this too ;D love it on you dear!

  2. oh your toga dress looks gorgeous. The studded belt makes it edgy!

  3. I'm not sure if it's the lash problem or glue problem (just repurchased but at a different place, may be a fake!), my falsies just won't stick to my lids anymore. Annoys the hell out of me! So I got 2 other lash glues to try out =/
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  4. I love the pop of blue on your eyeliner. Makes it look so much more edgy, and it's cute cause it matches your contacts :)

  5. i hate the cheap lashes w the stiff band. it bothers me each time i blink hahaha but i think the lashes still look quite nice on u =] and omg looove your dress!! so pretty 

  6. Those blue lenses are really pretty on you :)  They are so vibrant!

  7. Thanks.. Yup! That's exactly why I like them so much

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