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Red French Manicure

I have never done a French manicure before but I did plan to. Even bought a base colour, white & those C shaped guides from the night market. In the end, I used a reddish Rimmel polish instead cos I wanted something different. Bad choice LOL It looked like my finger tips were bleeding and since Halloween is over, it's not exactly appropriate.

I think it looks much much better with the 'flowers', eh?

Some kinda stupid swelling under my eye =_=" It's red and painful! Thank god it's almost gone now. Actually Chinese people say you will get this if you peep at people (bathing?) LOL I swear I DID NOT though.. =/

French nails aren't bad... 

Pros :
  • Save on nail polish xD
  • Different look
  • Won't affect cuticles
  • Can last longer (assuming they don't chip) since the 'regrowth' is not noticeable

Cons :
  • IMO, it's more time consuming than painting your whole nail. If you're using those stickers like me, you gotta wait til it's dry to peel them off. And cos I'm kiamsiap, I only used 3 stickers and had to wait for them to dry before painting the next nail =x
  • If your nail is stained, it will show unless you use a base colour

I would love to try other colours next time! Maybe yellow or green or salmon colour ^_^


  1. eeps! that doesn't look good. I hope you are okay. I have something like this before, it was a bug bite right under my eye =X wonder if this is your case too.. ice it a bit, it'll help with the swelling. 

  2. ouch... I hate bug bites on my face! Its back to normal now.. Phew.. Mine wasnt itchy or really bad. Just an eyesore (lol) when I look in the mirror


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