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Instant Smoother Skin with Photoshop Cream

This is.. one of those moments when I have no idea what to blog about and decide to write crap.

Again.. I would like to emphasize that I'm no pro at PS.. In fact, I'm not too sure what I'm talking about here since I'm too lazy to read up about it (and I won't understand anyway cos they make it sound wayyy too complicated) but hey it works so whatever..

Original photo. Me without a good night's sleep (actually I still look like that with lots of sleep =_=")

One of my favs.. Spot Healing Brush Tool.. To get rid of blemishes and scars. I believe I have already introduced this HERE. I'm using a size that's slightly bigger than my scar and 50% hardness (don't ask me why but it looks better).

Zomg! I've never seen my face this clear IRL lol Removed the scars, pimples & moles. You don't have to remove moles though.. I don't consider them as flaws unless you've got a 50 cent coin one on the tip of your nose with a bunch of hairs growing out of it that tickle my face whenever I get too close. Eww..

But I'll still call you my friend.

And promise not to stare at it.

Much.. =/

*clears throat* Even with those gone, my complexion is still not exactly smooth and my undereyes are horrid!

Next, I'm using Clone Stamp Tool instead.

Step 1 : Press Alt and that black 'target symbol' should show. Basically, it targets what you're gonna copy (CLONE stamp ma). So if you put the target on your eye and use the stamp tool on your cheek, you're gonna have another eye there. Alt+Left click to select your target (I'm using the highlighted part of my cheek cos I wanna brighten my undereye).
Step 2 : Let go of Alt and left click on the undereye (directly above your target). Now your 'target' will forever be right below your mouse until you select a new target.
Step 3 : Do your whole face. Play around with your target and opacity. Low opacity looks the best and most natural but takes longer.

End result.. A little fake but this is my first time doing it so please excuse my noobness.. The 'photo shops' use this to make your photo look amazing even though you went there without makeup.

Right.. End of post. You may continue with other less vain and useful stuff now lol


  1. wow PS is freaking amazing. it'll take me yrs to learn how to use it properly. LOL your post cracked me up. thanks for the helpful tips!!

  2. I think I'm only using less than 5% of it lol Instead of adjusting the curves and whatever, sometimes I just use 'Auto Levels' which kinda... Does everything for you LOL

  3. Damn.. I still can't use PS without pulling my hair out. Then again, even pulling my hair out doesn't help.. ARGHH! Need to keep up with the times and learn :(

  4. Well, I just use the basics. I don't meddle with the curves (although I'm planning to work on it!). It's easier if you actually have interest in it =)


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