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Finally Got a Taste of Unifi

I've been complaining about my internet since the Jaring days. *Hi5* if you actually know what that is. If you don't, shut up. Don't make me feel old.

This is my old Streamyx on a good day. It takes more than 5 minutes to download a simple 5MB file and the average speed is probably... 20+ kb/s. Most of the time I was unable to view all the photos in a page as they wouldn't load properly.

This is after Unifi.

I know, right? Such a big difference!!!!

Now I can download.. stuff *ahem* Please be reminded that piracy is against the law =x 

Download speeds now reach a maximum of above 700 kb/s but most of the time it's 500+ kb/s. A 700 MB file took only 23 minutes to download ^_^ Couldn't be happier.. lol And this is the cheapest package.

I can even open Xiaxue's blog now, which usually wouldn't even load since it's so full of camwhore photos.

However, immediately after the installation guys left, the connection became very unstable and few hours later, we couldn't even go online! Turns out the  router was broken and it was replaced in a few days. Now it's quite stable and I have not encountered any problems so far.

Do you need it? Yes!! xD


  1. May I Know how long do you need to wait for the unifi agent come to install it?

  2. I waited about 1-2 weeks and the 'wire man' came but he's not the agent who initially contacted me. The one who replaced my router is a different person as well. Hence, I think it would be different for everyone as it all depends on your agent and how efficient they are.


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