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Refa Angels

I had an amazing time working for Refa Pro last week. The 6 days were long and tiring but everyone had fun and it was great meeting all the lovely girls (and guys lol) ^_^

First day of work.. Painted nails light pink with Elianto polish to match the uniform lol There's actually white flowers on it too but they're too light and similar to the pink =/

Cute pink kimono uniform.. Shoes were a pain in the ass (or rather, feet).

Day 1 hair by Kelly was nice but damaging so we all decided to go for the guy stylist the next day.

This is by Henry Kan, the male stylist from Michael & Guys, Sg Wang. There's a tiny braid on the side too. IMO, his designs are more creative and young. Loved this hair but I got a fever and had to work half day only.

Us with Henry.

Don't mean to self praise but this is one of my favourite eye makeups =) Using Stage concealer, Elf HD powder, WnW Blusher (Mellow Wine), Empro brow pencil, & Rimmel lipgloss.

Eye makeup done using Elf Brightening Eye Colour in Day 2 Night, Maybelline gel liner, Max Factor False Lash Effect on upper lashes & Maybelline Magnum on lower lashes. I used all 4 colours from the palette and blended them together.

Day 5 hair.. If only I'm hardworking enough to curl my hair... =/

Had lunch at the new food court, Food Republic that day.. I had Chicken Katsu which comes with miso soup at the Jap stall. Not bad for RM 12.90.. The Chicken Udon isn't that great though..

Went for purple on the last day. This is also from an Elf palette.. They're so small and convenient to bring around ^_^

We actually did 'catwalks' and demonstrations on that stage =/ And danced to Para Para Sakura & nobody nobody but you.. around it.

My partner for the launch. Still think she looks like a Chinese actress =/

I refuse to make a silly face.. lol~

Leng lui Shermine

Li Ann attempting to eat my chopstick lol Camwhoring in the backstage =x

Sexy voice Andrea..

Sweet Sasa from Mongolia! She's so pretty..

Joanne, my groupmate. Taken during lunch at Penang Flavours. Had their nasi lemak with sambal sotong. Not bad but spicy..

Not many photos since the others are with other girls who brought cameras. Missing my Refa family already!


  1. OMG was this the event at 1u?! lol i was there! my seniors were working for the event as managements, i was there =x

  2. Aw-- you really DO look like you had fun & made friends.

    Your makeup looks AMAZING in all of these pics. @_@ You're so talented.

    And your hair colour is SO pretty in the brighter lighting.

  3. @ Kristin C
    Yup! Hahaha.. Your seniors?

    @ Noxin
    I certainly did.. One of the best working experiences I've had ^_^

    Thanks =)


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